1/48 Hasegawa A-7E 


by Constantinos Stoumpanos


Greece Independence Day 2008


    After the beautifully painted A-7E "Tiger" of the 335SQ, the Hellenic Air Force (HAF), agreed on the demand of the 336SQ "Mount Olympus", and authorised the a new anniversary scheme, on the A-7E.  This would be the second aircraft of 336SQ painted in anniversary scheme, after the first F-104G "Olympus", back in the '90.  The plane made its premier to the fans, during at the 8th of November, 2007, at Tanagra airbase.  As soon as I found out that an A-7E, with a special scheme is coming up, I began the construction.

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I used an Eduard PE set, for adding some details, to the cockpit and other points of the model, but all the painting, had to be based on photos taken.  All the phrases on the aircraft, were printed, and masks were made.  Masks were also used for making the artwork on both wings, and the base colour for the pirate (on the left side), the eagles on the tail, and the mountains, at the back of the fuselage.  The remaining details, are custom made decals.  All this work was made in Photoshop.  The model was closed with a semigloss coat, except of the radom, where I used matt coat.

The best part of the construction was, after finishing the "Olympus", while staring at it, as I realised, it's the first model of this specific aircraft that is build.  It certainly deserves a special place among my other models.  Many thanks to the fellow-modellers @ modelclub.gr, for their support. 

Hope you enjoy it, best regards, 

Costas aka melpas1013

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Photos and text by Constantinos Stoumpanos