1/72 KP Ilyushin IL10 / Avia B.33

by Oliver Weston



Hello Modellers

Short and sweet this! KP's rendition of the Avia B.33 better known as the Ilyushin Il-10.  The B.33 was a Czechoslovakian licence built copy of this famous Soviet type.  Here shown in North Korean livery, this particular aircraft was captured by our American friends during the Korean conflict and evaluated.  The Americans found it pleasant to fly with excellent manners but old fashioned and obsolete because of its prop and piston engine'd propulsion.  A few years latter embroiled in another Asian conflict the same group of people found a certain Skyraider invaluable and irreplaceable, enough said!  

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Built straight out of the box this one (as per usual) apart from radio mast and antenna, which was made from old sprue and very thin fishing line.  As you will be aware I am a big fan of these types of kit.  Sure their a bit rough round the edges but you do get some great subjects, and besides everybody makes the Il-2!  And the Il-10 was just as important (if not more so) than its much vaunted predecessor!  And in my book deserves a mention. 

Happy Modelling!


Photos and text by Oliver Weston