1/48 Dragon Ju-88G & 

Fw-190A Mistel S/S2/3

by Ian McGeorge



Upon opening this kit, very impressive – well moulded and crisp parts on the sprue.  It was also good to see good amount of photo etch.  Upon building it, fit is very good with minimal sanding and putty allowing a very good build time.  The kit itself presents several options – which one being inaccurate – the oblique cowling machines guns on the 190.  It turned out to be part of a ladder in an actual wartime photo which it was based on.  There are at least 3 different warheads for the ’88 based on various sizes would could be bolted on at the time.  This kit can essentially be split into two as well.

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The kit was painted in a dedicated night scheme as such an aircraft in a daylight attack was apparently a very slow clay pigeon.  Model Master II Enamels were used being the usual RLM76 Light Blue and RLM75 Gray Violet mottle.  A few pieces of stretched sprue were used for all aerials but it’s nearly all box stock.  The only real issue is that a lot of the photo etch was for the ‘190 – not the ’88.  Most of which was tucked inside the ‘190 where you couldn’t really see it anyway.  Still, this is bound to appeal to some for a more unusual kit of aircraft more commonly known for their individual merits.


Photos and text © by Ian McGeorge