1/72 ZZ Models P-35 radar

by Sebastijan Videc 



P-35 was a Soviet built radar that was used in most of the Soviet Union friendly states during the Cold War which also included Yugoslavia and therefore Slovenian soldiers were operating the radar as well.  It's max detection zone was up to 350km and the accuracy was about 500m at maximal ranges.  It was still in use during the 1999 Kosovo conflict.

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I decided to present you a bit rare kit - rare as hard to get and rare as not seen a lot. The kit is produced by ZZ models and is made of resin and PE parts.  Resin is cast very well and there's not a lot of problems during construction.  However PE parts add a WOW factor to this model... there's lots of them, some connections are really fragile and you have to be very very careful during the construction of both antennas and especially careful while handling the completed kit during painting and weathering stages... but the result is a great looking kit in your collection.

Greetings from Slovenia!


Photos and text by Sebastijan Videc