1/144 Attack Su-7B 'Fitter-A'

by Sebastijan Videc



The Su-7 'Fitter' was one of the first Soviet jet interceptors after World War 2 powered by a powerful Ljuljka AL-7 turbojet engine.  One of its prototypes also set a Soviet speed record of 2170km/h with its characteristic highly swept wing at 60deg.  The plane itself was not very successful in its intended role, so it was soon converted to fighter-bomber (Su-7B) armed with bombs and unguided rockets. 

I decided to build this model, because I work on Su-7BM (and Su-7BKL) at Vyskov air museum in the Czech Republic.  The real plane was just an inspiration for the model but in the near future I intend to build 1/72 versions of both planes, I'm working on.

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I found this model along with it's two-seater U version in one of the Brno's modeling shops.  The plastic looked nice with nicely engraved panel lines and there were parts for simple cockpit to be made.  Although the B version was used mostly by the Soviet Union, you get only two options of decals for NMF birds, but it's not the case with Su-7U, where you get some 5 different options with some really nice camos.  The build was straightforward, with small amounts of putty needed just around the wing-to-fuselage joint. I highly recommend it to all 1/144 builders!

Greetings from Slovenia!


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Photos and text by Sebastijan Videc