1/72 Heller Gazelle

by Sebastijan Videc 



Today I present you with a kit model of the tiny Gazelle helicopter, which was and is used in variety of roles in many world air forces.  I decided to build a Yugoslav licence-built attack version of the Gazelle, called 'Gama-M'.  Conversion required scratchbuilding the weapon pylons, 9M14 Malyutka (NATO: AT-3 'Sagger) anti-tank missiles and self-defence 9K32M Strela (NATO: SA-7 'Grail') air-to-air missiles and adding some aerials.  Cockpit was also further improved by adding some wires, seatbelts and similar "goodies" to improve the looks.  Gazelles were painted with a hardly noticable two-tone camo of dark green and bronze brown, which is not even apparent on most of the pics available.

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Decals were used from Lift Here Gazelle set, modified to get the correct serial number for Gama.

Greetings from Slovenia!


Photos and text by Sebastijan Videc