IPMS-Israel Annual Convention

by Yoav Efrati

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On Dec 9 2007 IPMS-Israel held its annual Chanukah convention.  It was held in the auspicious hall of the Israel Air Force convention center in Hertzelia, a minutes drive from the airfield where First Fighter Squadron S-199 Avias took off on their combat missions.

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This year, for the first time, IPMS/Israel decided to give recognition to our fellow model builders who use paper as their medium of choice.  In the paper model category, the first place went to a beautifully designed, printed and build Israeli Air Force F-4E Phantom with second place going to a Stuka with complete engine detail.


I had the pleasure of judging the 1/48 scale model airplane category and my choice of first place went to a WWII Italian Reggia 2000 and second place to a Korean War vintage dragon nose art F-86F.  1/72 first place went to a completely reconstructed ESCI TU-22 Blinder, with second place going to a Saudi Tornado in a beautiful wrap around scheme. As for my non competition display entry I brought with me five 1/72 scale Israeli Air Force delta fighters painted up in a 70's vintage desert scheme and post Yom Kippur War yellow and black identification triangles.  My entries included a recon nose Mirage, A two seat MiG kill Mirage IIIB, a Nesher, and a pair of early versions of the Kfir.  Attached are photos of the models I enjoyed most, and to our Jewish modelers out there, Happy Chanukah.



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Photos and text by Yoav Efrati