1/72 Airshow 2007

by David Chong



Malaysian modellers gathered on November 10 & 11, 2007 to participate in the second "1/72 Airshow".

The first "1/72 Airshow" held last year may be seen here on ARC at: 1-72 Airshow by David Chong 

This year's display achieved the goals of expanding the tarmac area, upgrading the alert shelter area and elevating the whole display on a custom built platform.  In all, the tarmac space doubled and the display measures 16 feet x 45.5 feet, that is 728 square feet.

At this point I have to express utmost gratitude to the volunteers both from this year and the last, in working to make the necessary extensions, and spending countless hours and many late nights to make it all happen. 

We are especially grateful to the sponsors who came out with the cash and prizes, E-Hobby HQ, Morgan Hobby (Singapore), John Low, John Lee, Agrotech, the building management of City Square, Anchor Beer, F-4DableModels and myself. 

Some of the photos of volunteers working dry fitting the display.

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Prizes were awarded to the best of show in 3 different categories.  A F-14A in VF-111 markings by JT Ng was judged the best 'small' aircraft of the show.  A B-52D by Vincent Yong and my Mil-26 were respectively judged as the best 'large' aircraft and helicopter of the show.  All prizes were sponsored by E-Hobby HQ, the leading hobby shop in Kuala Lumpur.

An F/A-18B in VFC-13 markings by modeller Chew Eng Hui won the 'Agrotech Award' (NB: Agrotech is a landscaping company owned by modeller Michael C.) and modeller David Tan won the 'Most Meritorious Participant Award' sponsored by F-4DableModels, for putting in 4 models, which was deemed worthy of merit, since David is a newbie where aircraft is concerned.

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 Below is the winners' photo and the rest of the display.  

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The event was accompanied by food, free flowing soda and beverages sponsored by Anchor.  To top it off, a round the clock sale was held by E-Hobby HQ to coincide with the event.

We all had a good time!  Do join us if you happen to be in this part of the world.


Photos Ken Cheong and Vincent Yong and text David Chong and Jason Cheah