1/48 Academy Su-30

Converting Academy Su-27UB with Su-30 Sol conversion kit 

by Danny Braverman 



The model represents a Su-30MK-1 belonging to the 24th Aerial Sqd. "Hunting Hawks" of the Indian AF, January 2000. 4 Su-30MK-1s with bort numbers SB001,SB006,SB007,SB008 from the 24th AS were temporary repainted in national Indian colours and took part in a flypast over Delhi during celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Indian Republic.  Over the standard paint scheme, the aircraft were adorned with tricolor cross stripes in the following order from nose section: dark orange, flat white and dark sea green.

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The model is an Academy Su-27UB with the Su-30 Sol conversion kit.  I'd only used the front body section and the cockpit resin parts from the conversion kit.  The decals used were from the Begemot 48-004 Su-27 Flanker Family (1) decal set.  The "Wheel of Ashoka" - symbol of independence in Indian religion - was painted on the upper surfaces of the fuselage using a mask provided by the Begemot decal set. 


During the research I found most attractive schemes of the Indian AF modern aircraft. Not a doubt that I'll build more than one in the future!  And a special thanks for all the ARC forum members who helped me in the research of this spectacular and colorful aircraft.

Hope you like this one and thanks for looking! 


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Photos and text by Danny Braverman