1/48 Mirage PZL P.24G 

Royal Hellenic Airforce

by Agelos Tsinas


  Royal Hellenic Airforce Day 2007 


Completed a few weeks ago, I decided to post this model to honour our Airforce Day (November 8th)..

PS Hellenic stands for Greek for those who do not know.)
Straight of the box construction of the fine Mirage model.  It was painted using brush and a mix of pastels and oils for weathering.  The actual shades are my own interpretation of the actual camouflage based on black and white photos.

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The photos maybe a bit blur but I do apologise as I only had the camera in my hands for only 5 minutes!! ! These are the first attempts....corrections will follow.

Just a personal touch the PZL bird was a personal build desire for ages.  I waited until my skills were improved to a decent level...That is what I like to think anyway.



Photos and text by Agelos Tsinas