1/72 South Front Mil Mi-26 'Halo'

by Ken Duffey



The model is the South Front kit - a small Russian manufacturer from Rostov-on-Don.  The fuselage is in three sections due to the limited size of the moulds and there is no interior detail inside the cabin - although a fully detailed cockpit is provided.  Decals by Begemot are included for FIVE different machines - including Aeroflot, military & UN markings. I wanted to show just how big the Halo really is - so I decided to make a diorama showing the Mi-26 lifting a downed MH-47E that was shot down in Afghanistan.  I painted the machine in the colours of Vertikal-T - the Russian heavy lift company that carried out the operation.  The markings were drafted by a friend - and printed on my inkjet printer using Expert's Choice Inkjet decal paper.  

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The MH-47E Chinook is the Italeri kit, suitably 'beaten up' with rotors and refueling probe removed. The base is fibreboard with Pollyfilla texturing and Games Workshop scenic 'sand' and model railway bushes. The Mi-26 sits on a brass rod 'pole' to represent the cable and is hovering a few feet in the air having just set the Chinook down after its recovery. 

This is the real thing.......


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Photos and text by Ken Duffey