1/700 HMS Coventry 25 May 1982

by Graham Symmonds



Hope Steve will take this – not truly aircraft but there is a Lynx helicopter holding on for dear life….

This is the new Dragon 1/700 Type 42 built up as HMS Coventry taking the final roll on 25 May 1982.  The model itself went together very easily – my eyes weren’t really capable of dealing with too much detailing at this scale!  The goal was to show Coventry listing over after taking four 1000 lb bombs in her port side from Argentinian Skyhawks.

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The base is a piece of glass from a picture frame over which I added successive layers of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water.  Each layer was about an 1/8th of an inch deep and painted after drying.  I added colours from blues green to blacks to try an get some depth to the water.  After the first two layers, Coventry went in at a jaunty angle and them I continued to build up the water depth around her. 

Unfortunately like her 1:1 counterpart, the model rolled over overnight to a much steeper angle!  I just have to tell everyone “They must have had the Lynx chained to the deck…” 

Realistic Water dries dead flat, so I added a layer of woodland Scenics Water Effects for some sea action.  This stuff took about three weeks to dry clear.  Up until then it was very cloudy – thought the thing was ruined but patience ruled the day.  Overall a cool subject and interesting layout.


Photos and text © by Graham Symmonds