1/48 Italeri TR-1

by Ray 'C5sparkcatcher' Utter



I built this dio for my dad's birthday this year.  He was involved with the TR-1 program at RAF Alconbury.  Fact was we were the first personnel there for the program.  I remember going to school and friends asked where my dad worked.  "TR-1's" I would reply.  Got some of the funniest looks!!

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I would like to thank so many people for donating stuff for this project.  To all I say "thank you!"   Last picture shows however that the project had a "small" problem that I will fix next time I am home and have some spare wing tips!!  Course my dad said "Don't worry about it." "Half the time they came back just like that!!"


I used the all aftermarket stuff was from Meteor Productions.  I scratch built (purely fictional) the open mission pod. 



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Photos and text by Raymond Utter