1/144 Boeing 747-400 Qantas 

‘Wunala Dreaming’

by Daniel Craig



Hi folks!  After reading the article about Yzzet Celikoba’s 747-300 in South-African livery I decided to show you guys my Qantas 747.  It is definitely not a professional model, as I did this almost 10 years ago when I started my modelling-career.

I saw the original plane in Frankfurt and the next day I held the Revell-kit for the 747-400 with Lufthansa decals in my hands.  Unfortunately the kit did not come with Rolls Royce engines - but I didn’t care at that time.  (Now Qantas does not have the Rolls Royce plants any more and the new engines are just grey.)   The markings on the model are all painted free hand. The only exception is the kangaroo on the tail, which I drew on paper before and then masked on the model.

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All in all, this model was very fun to build and I really like the result in my shelf.

I hope you like, too. =)

Daniel Craig

Happy modelling!


Photos and text © by Daniel Craig