1/48 Monogram B-24J

by Jaroslav Král




I hope you enjoy this model.  First of all I got this B-24 from my friend about 5 years ago.  And why I built it now?  I had no time because of school and Private Pilot Licence training.  When I found a little time I built other models.  Now I found the right time to build this bird.  I was thinking about lights, but from my previous experience I wanted to solve battery position.  I have 2 wires sticking out of my B-29, which you must admit that‘s not the best solution. I just only wanted a model without visible wires.

This is also challenge for all of you who wants to solve the same problem.  I know that the bomb bay is not correctly opening, but this solved my problem.  You can see my solution on two other photos.  I used bomb racks as a base. Then I scratchbuilt a battery holder with a switch.  This is fit on the left half of model.  I used 12 volt remotely controled battery.  Then I installed all other lights.  I have position lights on wing tips, tail fusalage anti-collision light and one light in the cockpit. 

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When I finished all the installation, the model was ready for painting.  I built this model OOB so it was easy to paint.  Aluminium fusalage with black de-ice boots.  Weathering, decals and the model was finished.  It was my mistake that I did not investigate the internet precisly.  I found an article where it described all the other lights on the B-24.  There were blue formation lights of the top of the fusalage, which were installed asthe letter T.  Then there were lights which signalise that bomb bay is opened and one red light when bombs were away.  So many lights on the B-24.  Advice for all of you who wants to build model with realistic lights.  Go and find information how to do it and then build it.  Anyway I´m happy with this one.  One good news.  B-17G (1/48 Monogram) has been waiting for a long time so let‘s build it J.

Thank you very much STEVE for getting my B-24 on ARC.



Photos and text © by Jaroslav Král