1/72 KP Letov S-16

by Oliver Weston



Hello ARC'ers!

Something a bit different, Letov's S-16 Light Bomber/ Long Range Reconnaissance aircraft.  Built to fulfil the Czech Airforce's requirements for such a plane.  The prototype flew in 1926 and production of the machine continued until 1935.  With the aircraft in front line service well into 1938.  In this time the aircraft took many distance and endurance records in the hands of Czech and Turkish pilots.  A total of 115 Airframes were delivered to the Czech Airforce with a further 19 delivered to Latvia and Turkey.

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Nice little KP kit (albeit old!), completed with no real problems.  Built out of the box apart from aftermarket decals, as the ones included are abysmal!  Little bit of cockpit detail which was good and a minimum of filler used.  Hope you have enjoyed looking, because as ever I enjoyed building!


Photos and text by Oliver Weston