1/48 MiniHobby Model SU-30 MKM

Malaysia 50th Merdeka Day Update

by Azlan "Kuman" Yusop


  Malaysia National Day 2007 



This one of the static display of the Sukhoi SU-30MKM ordered by the RMAF  (TUDM) during the delivery ceremony on June 19, 2007, that wore the number 02 serial. This aircraft was build to complement the Merdeka Group Build organized by the local society (SFTPMS) in conjunction with the 50th Independence Day on August 31, 2007.


The kits:

1/48 MiniHobby Model SU-27UB Flanker, this is the only one I have in my stash and was eagerly wanting to build the MKM so this will be base of the conversion and lot of things need to be done to make it to at least 50% of the MKM. This is one troublesome kit to begin with and I should have tried my best to find the Academy SU-27UB instead, the decals are from VFA Production which has most of the decal position spot on much like the delivery scheme of the MKM.


The conversion;

-Scratch building the canard and the canard shoulder using plastic sheet

-Scratch all those antenna (Saab antenna on the spine and under the nose)

-Scratch build the IRST

-Scratch build the intake cover


Paint & others:

-Gunze H335

-Lighted H335 for the nosecone

-Gunze Clear Yellow, Clear Blue & Burnt Iron for the nozzle and the engine area (I try to follow the guide in the ARC Tips Section)

-Future for the final coat.

-Squadron Green Putty

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The Build:

Despite the problem the base kit thrown to me, I manage to complete this by the dateline. The kit comes with both type of landing gear (single wheel and 2 wheels) although not very accurate but it’s usable with my newbie skill. The nosecone needs a lot of work to make it complement the real nose. First the bulging appearance of the kit nose need to be tone down via extensive sanding and scraping (unless you want to go the resin route for the nose, then can skip this step)


There’s a big gap present at the join of the nozzle and the body that need a lot of putty and sanding to make it level and cover the gap (although I did use a strip of plastics sheet to cover the gap before I apply any putty). There are also gap and unevenness at the place where intake and the lower fuselage meet. Again a lot of putty needed, of course the join between the new (scratch build) canard shoulder & the fuselage


The IRST also need to be scratch build since the one that came with the kit located at the center of the canopy need to be removed. Noted that the cockpit is non existence so I did try the best I can with what I have if only I can get my hand on a replacement cockpit, and then can ease the headache in this part.


Finally noted that the canopy doesn’t align properly with the cockpit (I realized this at a later stage because due to the lack of dry fitting) so I have no option but to make it an open canopy setting even though the detail in the cockpit is non-existence.



This is good “learning“ experience for me and I do gain a lot of knowledge on how to improve my skill in the future, The kits will give a good challenge to those who seek it and hopefully someone can do a better job with it in the future.


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Photos and text © by Azlan “Kuman” Yusof