1/48 Gavia Lawotschkin La-7

Major Sultan Ahmed Khan

by Steffen "Little Airwolf" Tittmann




This model isn`t the professional version of this kit from Gavia, I bought the normal kit from the manufacturer.  I bought photo etched parts from the Polish company Part to refine the cockpit and parts for the landing gear.  The seatbelts you may build with photo etched parts, but I used the decals from the kit.


I bought a magazine from MBI “Lawotschkin La-7”.  It contains colorprofiles of the La-7.  The magazine also contains the machine I built.


I built this model, because the life from Sultan-Ahmed Khan moved me.  Above all, as one kidnaps and kills the family of a hero of the USSR, even though this pilot devoted his life daily to the liberty of the entire Russian people.

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The pilot of this airplane was Major Sultan-Ahmed Khan.  He shot down 30 airplanes during the war and was involved in 19 group victories.  After the war he purged to the alcohol, as a brother of a "traitor", he became supervised by the NKWD constantly.

When his old combat comrades had been promoted, he was passed over again and again.

Only with the help of his combat companions he funally became a test pilot.  On February 1st 1971 the Tupolew TU-16 exploded during a testflight in the air.  Ahmed Khan and his crew died.


Photos © by Steffen Tittmann and Text © by Nancy Proft