1/200 Hasegawa Space Shuttle 

Challenger STS-51L

by Vladimír Žucha and Martin Jarina



This is our Space Shuttle Challenger model.  We made it according to the photos taken shortly before its tragic last mission.  So this model represents exactly the state of Challenger with SRBs and external tank as could be seen before the start on 28th January 1986.

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The Hasegawa kit is superb and very accurate.  Despite that fact we made some improvements especially in the section where SRBs are mounted to the external tank.  Another problem seems to be its size, it's very hard to make it highly detailed in this scale.  But it depends on personal preferences.  However, we tried to make as many details as possible.

Colors are from Model master and Revell.  Decals are from the kit and several simple decals were hand made.

This model is in memory of all seven astronauts who perished during the STS-51L mission.  We hope you like our model.

Vlado and Martin

With best regards , Žilina, Slovak republic

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Photos and text © by Vladimír Žucha