1/72 Italeri SU-34 'FullBack'

by Ray Yeo (Seiya)



Hi there once again. This is the first Russian bird I've ever built and so far, I am very happy with the outcome of this Italeri kit.  But never the less, the shape of this Italeri kit is still not considered very accurate, but still the only choice out there in the market.  As far as I know, the Tamiya one is a rebox of the Italeri Su-34, I choose the Italeri one because it cost slightly cheaper and its box art is nicer.

This kit is mostly built out of the box without any aftermarket detailing parts except for the nose probe which I scratch built to look much more identical to the real thing.  Paints used were mainly lacquer based and the wash was done with Tamiya German grey.  As for the weathering and streaking, these were achieved using pastel thinned with alcohol.

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The camo was done freehand with a 3-tone shades of light green, light grey and deep sky blue, and the bottom baby blue.  Actually, I have no idea what colors they are called, I am just bad with color differentiation...but they did turn out the way I want them to be.

This aircraft is a babe when you have all weapons loaded on.  One thing that is so obviously wrong is the tail area.  The tail probe is shaped wrongly, but too bad I don't yet have the skill to do major modifications now.


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Photos and text by Ray Yeo (Seiya)