Antonov A-40 Krylya Tanka

by Fernando J. Reparaz "Komet" 



Antonov KT (A40) The Flying Tank

I've  always laughed  about guys that divide our hobby. On one side plane modellers, on the other side armour modellers. So, when I saw a photo of this rarity, I thought of confounding the teachers & philosophers of our hobby. Is it a bird, a plane, a tank? That way, I think I can put it in several forums dedicated to "different concepts of modelling", you know? ;-)

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KT (A40) was an Antonov  project to get T60 light tank glide behind enemy lines. Its first flight was in Sept, 1942.

The glider-tank was towed by a four-engined bomber TB3 and could fly acceptably,  according to official sources. The project was cancelled after that test.

My model, in 1/35 scale, is totally scratch built, except the tank itself, a T-60 from Zvezda. I' ve used light wood, plastic sheets and a lot of putty and sandpaper. And patience, of course.

I hope you like it

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Best regards from Spain.


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Photos and text by Fernando J. Reparaz "Komet"