1/48 KitTech and IAF SU30MK

by Pavan K Vadlamudi



This is my recent flanker addition to my scale models. This is my second IAF kit and the second 1:48 kit. It took 2 months to build.

Kittech is the manufacturer. I think this must be the cheapest kit available in the market. It is almost similar to the HobbyCraft Su-27c. It is easy to build for a intermediate modellers also. 

As this kit is the SU-27UB, so I had to convert it into a SU-30MK1 with two different surgeries. IRST comes in middle need little surgery to left, a small hole and crust in the right hand side for mid-air refuelling.

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I used an air brush for the base coat and for the camouflage I hand brush painted as well as the rest of small parts such as missiles, pylons, wheel and other small parts. I used Humbrol enamel paints and I made my own decals using inkjet printer.

Downside of this canopy didnít close with out gap apart from that good value for money (I know people might disagree with me when the kit is compared with other quality kits on the market).


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Photos and text © by Pavan Kumar Vadlamudi