1/48 Mini Hobby Model Su-30MK Flanker  

by Nebuchednikov Nizam



This is one from my collection, Mini Hobby Modelís 1/48 Sukhoi Su-30 MK Flanker. They are the latest version of Sukhoi Su-27 family and this version looks the same as the Su-27UB.
Basically this version was developed from the Su-27UB operational conversion trainer function to Su-30MK, two-seat long range multi role interceptor and for export. This is a fourth-generation MRCA (multi role combat aircraft) and equipped by the modern radars, efficiently for pilot to track a target with BVR (beyond visual range). With 12 pylons, this Flanker can carry all variety of the latest missile such as R-27P, R-73E, R-77/RVV-VE, 3M80E, Kh-58E ad others. For excellent maneuvers, Su30MK have powered high power engine AL-31FP with TVC (trust-vectoring controller).
This Flanker has been operated by Russian, China (Su-30MKK), India (Su-30MKI), Indonesia (Su-30MK) and coming next Malaysia (Su-30MKM).

Mostly many flanker versions use single wheels for front gear landing but for Su-30MK, itís different from others flankers before. The Su-30MK has a twin wheels for the front landing gear. For this model, I used twin wheels like the Su-33 Sea Flanker operated by Admiral Kuznetov Class, Russian aircraft carrier. When I bought this model, single wheels for front landing gear are available but I chose to use twin wheels because itís very easy to build.

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For painting, I used custom aerosol spray paint for my flanker. Actually this paint is not for models and I bought it from a local hardware shop. That funny, but Iíve no choice because paint for model is very expensive. Iíve got a low budget, low skills and low facilities.
Firstly for exhaust and shielding around the GSh-30-1 cannon, I used a mix-up Flat black (G195) with Silver (A331) to get a Metal gun color. I painted this part by using a tiny brush a after that for the body (above) I used Pale Grey (D336) and for the underside  I used Light Grey (C255). Before us, I washed and cleaned up my model in the soapy water to remove all greasy finger marks or all fillers chipper or dusk and after that, used masking tape to mask off the areas for example below aircraft, fuselage, air intake, exhaust and others. For nose aircraft I used Dark Grey (G226) after undercoat by Pale Grey (D336).
For interior air landing doors, I paint a red color by permanent marker and all light at front gear landing, I cut a chrome sticker and sized by following a light at gear landingís shape.


Before us, I used poster color to get lines at aircraft. For applying decals first I cut the decal from sheet and dipped the decal in warm water for the seconds. After soaking for a few seconds, place the decal over the model and, using a soft brush to hold the decal in place, carefully slide the backing paper out from under the decal, taking care not to stretch the decal in the process.
Do not be tempted to move the decal with your fingers. Use a brush and plenty of water. Once in position, press down carefully and gently with a cotton bud rolled gently over the decal to get rid of any trapped air or bubbles.

Proud to be Malaysian!

Nebuchednikov Nizam

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Photos and text © by Nebuchednikov Nizam Rusli