1/48 Eduard Sopwith 2F.1 Camel

Gallery Article by Sören Bartusch


On 19 July 1918 the first successful air raid in aviation history from an airplane parent ship took place from the British H.M.S. Furious.  The attack was directed against the airship hangars in Tondern.

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For this attack seven pilots of the Royal Navy were selected.  The pilots were Captain W. D Jackson, Captain W. F. Dickson, Captain B. A. Smart, Captain T. K. Thyne, Lieutnant N. E. Williams, Lieutnant S. Dawson and Lieutnant W. A, Yewlett.  The attack of the airplanes should take place in two groups.

Actually the attack should already take place on 18 July. The H.M.S. Furious lay together with 17 escort ships before the west coast of Jutland. Because of the bad weather the attack had to be shifted however around 24 hours. Result of this attack was that airship hangar "Toska" by bombs in fire turned out. Thus the two airships L45 and L60 were completely destroyed. The airship port Tondern was only suitable for an emergency allocation after this attack. Lieutnant Yewlett found death with the attack.

This Camel was flown by Captain B.A Smart. 

Sören Bartusch

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