1/72 Zvezda Su-30K Flanker

by Denis A. Belyanin


  Indian air Force Day 2005 


While my Su-33 was being built, I planned to assemble a two-seated Flanker.

It has became a custom for me - before I make a model.......there usually is something that inspires me - a book, a man or TV program.  This time there was a TV program - about the Indian Air Force and the first Su-30 squadron "Hawks".  As I had Linden Hill decal set "Flankers on patrol", I decided to build an Indian Flanker.  In our local shop there was only the "Zvezda/Berkut" kit (earlier made by "Nakotne").  The kit is very rough and far from the original plane.  Concerning the accessories - I used "Equipage" wheels, "NeOmega" resin seats, MBDZ (multi bombs rack) and FAB-100 (100-kg high-explosive air bombs) from "Dragon" USSR weapons set.

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I corrected the geometry of the wings and horizontal fins quickly - these models have just slightly differences.  Wings are longer for 1,5-2,5 mm than they should be. Angles of the rear edges of wings and fins are smaller than on a real plane too.

Vertical fins are more bad than other surfaces - they are absolutely different shapes - they looks like Su-27 fins. To make them correct, I cut them into 2 parts each and corrected them and made seam filled.  After that I did some scribing.

I made the the cockpit and nose gear  from the plastic and the jet intakes were improved too.

After this I used different "Eduard" and "Part" photoetched sets to imitate the cockpits walls, made visors in both cockpits. Genuine nozzles were thrown away - as they didn't look like nozzles:) I used nozzles from old Italeri kit.

After this I improved nose and main gear.

The R-27 and R-73 missiles were made by myself.

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Paint work was done using "Angel" paints, weathering - pastel chalks and acrylic paints.


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Photos and text by Denis A. Belyanin