1/72 Heller Su-27 UB

converted to an Indian AF Su-30 MkI 

1/72 Aeroclub Folland Indian AF Gnat

by Polly Singh



The SU-30 MKI has not been released yet in any scale and I decided to operate on the old Heller version with canards snitched from a Revell SU-27.  Surgery called for adding the canards and addition of a lot of putty to match the contour, adding the refueling probe, shifting the IRST to starboard of the windshield, adding a FOD cover to the nose wheels and drooping the thrust vectoring exhaust nozzles.  I loaded two kit supplied R-73s and R-27ERs and the rest of the R-VV-AE, KH 39 and X-29T from the Eastern express MiG 21-93 kit and Paveway-II LGB from a F-4E kit.  I added the Aeroclub Gnat in classic overall silver to compare the IAF’s (and probably the world’s) smallest jet fighter with the worlds’ largest.  The little Gnat was more than a handful during its time (bringing down a total of 11 F-86 Sabres in two wars) and the SU-30MKI is certainly The Air Dominance Fighter of today (apart from the flying robots we see rolling out of the companies that once made aeroplanes). I did no weathering except for the burnt metal engine nacelles and on the gun blast deflector. 


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Photos and text © by Polly Singh