1/72 Italeri F-5E 

Mexican Air Force 

by Marlon Guevara



Short time ago I decided to prove with the Air Force of other Latin American countries.  Mexican Air Force called my attention by the original thing of camouflage of the F-5, so here something of them goes.

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The Italeri kit is good, needing you to modify the drift of the tail with plasticard and the nose, giving it the suitable form from some sandpapering.  The number 4001 that looks is of the old ones, before the change to series 45 like the two-seaters. I used Medium Green, Dark Green and flat tan in this special camouflage, and a mix European green + SAC bomber green to the radom, the "shark nose"

I want  to thank  in a special way my Mexican colleague Flavio Pablo Diaz for  the decals and the necessary information about it.  Thank you very much,  I owe you one!

Nextly 1/72 F-16 Chilean Air Force, version with no CFT's.

I dedicate this work to my Mexican brother Miguel  Angel Tejeda.


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Photos and text by Marlon Guevara