1/72 Zvezda Sukhoi 30

by Murli Rajan


  India Independence Day 2004 


The SU 30 is my favorite modern jet fighter. With Indian Air Force getting its first batch of Su-30 MKI. I was even more exited to do this aircraft.

Even by 1:72 this is one huge kit (aircraft).  The construction took some time as there were so many parts. But overall all parts fitted properly with very minimum of sanding.

I have used academy enamel paints mixed and matched . the decals supplied were of real bad quality. I had to get some IAF roundels and sqd markings Color laser printed on a HP printer ( not happy with result )

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This aircraft is flown out of the Lohegaon Air base, near Pune, Maharastra, India.  

By the way, Happy Independence Day “Jai Hind”


Photos and text © by Murli Rajan