India National Day Su-30MK

Gallery Article by David Smigielski

  India Republic Day 



This is Hellerís Su-27UB built as an Su-30MK in India National Day markings. 

The kit was built largely out of the box and, while the fit wasnít perfect, it wasnít a nightmare either. 

The aircraft was painted using PollyScale railroad colors- CNW Green, Reefer White, and SP Daylight Red.   

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These markings arenít yet offered by any manufacturer so I used a combination of Superscale (the roundels), Lindenhill (the squadron markings), and homemade (the chakra) decals on my Flanker. I found a reasonably accurate chakra on the web and used it to print the image onto decal paper. Itís not 100% accurate but it looks good to me.


David Smigielski

Photos and text © by David Smigielski