1/24 Moo-rine

Gallery Article by Phil Peterson

Silly Week 2004



A Battle Cattle Power Suit Mk IV as used by the First Moo-rines during the assault on MacDonald's World (also known as Olde MacDonald's).  In typical Moo-rine tradition, this one is named "Udder Destruction" (What do you call a cow jumping over a barbed wire fence?).

The kit started out as a Dorvack 1/24th scale PA-58 with all kinds of little rockets sticking out at all angles.  I modified the weapons with some from a couple of Revell Robotech kits and added a couple of other modifications but what camoflage to paint it?  One day I was visiting a local comic/wargaming  store and they had a store army of Warhammer 40k figures done up as "Moo-rines".  I couldn't resist and after speaking with Mike (the Manager), I received permission to use his concept and the rest is history.

Phil Peterson

Photos and text by Phil Peterson