1/72 Fureari F-262

Gallery Article by Neil Burkill on Jan 7 2004

Silly Week 2004


Exclusive pics for next seasons F1 of the car to be driven by the notorious and infamously bad-tempered driver Heinchael Pukemacher.

Note the one and a half 'kill' markings on the top of the rudder, the full 'kill' is for disgracefully bumping into the British driver, and all roung nice-guy, Demon Will and so destroying Demon's deserved F1 championship at the final hurdle. The half 'kill' is for attempting the same blatant manoeuvre on the top Canadian driver, Jaques Steelenerve, 3 yrs later, but it did not quite work on that occasion. (Good job too......)


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Note that the car has a fully enclosed cockpit. The official statement from the factory for this was:  "Well, it can get a bit chilly at the British GP when it rains". Note also the ability to vary the amount of downforce on the car, i.e. what the aviation world calls flaps and elevators. 

Also, if Pukemacher ever has a problem overtaking, a quick squirt with those 4 x 30mm should solve the problem. Apparently on last years car there was a tendency for the back end to step out at high speed, but on this years car a quick kick of opposite rudder should help solve it.

Neil Burkill

P.S.   Disclaimer: any similarity of the above to any living persons is purely coincidental. 


Photos and text by Neil Burkill