1/48 Testors Roswell UFO

Gallery Article by Karl W Branson on Jan 1 2004

Silly Week 2004


This is my model of the 1/48 Roswell UFO by Testors. I got this kit part built from eBay as I had been looking for one for some time - only to find a new one at IPMS Telford for half the eBay price! - Oh well. The main assembly had been done already but contained loads of gaps that required filling. Once this had been done it was time to paint it over all Humbrol gloss silver. This caused me no end of bother, for some reason my Badger 155 did not like to spray silver at all, but silver paint has been my life long enemy anyway ( I used to have a rusty silver car - every patch I fixed looked like a different shade! ) but back to the model. When the paint was dry all that was left to do was to install the crew compartment ( the pilot has a joy-stick - I thought they used ESP to control the ship ) and to apply the decals. The clear compartment cover had seen some misplaced glue action from the previous owner, but I managed to polish most of it out.


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The Kit stand had been lost, but I replaced it with one that I picked up from IPMS Telford plus a polished metal rod that went through the original hole in the bottom of the ship.


Karl W Branson


Photos and text by Karl W Branson