1/48 Gavia Lavochkin La-7

Gallery Article by Randy Lutz on Dec 9 2003


Here are some photos of my Gavia Lavochkin La-7.  It is finished in the markings of Captain Pavel Golovachev of the 9th Guards Fighter Air Regiment, 303rd Fighter Aviation Division while based in Lithuania during December 1944.

Aside from the vacuform sliding canopy, the model is built to comply with IPMS Out of the box rules.


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  • antenna wires made from stretched sprue 

  • gun barrels drilled out

  • gun charging handles hollowed out

  • sliding canopy replaced with vacuform hood


  • pitot tube drilled out

  • supercharger intakes opened out

Paint and Decals

  • model painted with Xtracolor X254 Basaltgrau RAL7012, X129 Dark Grey
    FS16081 and Humbrol 47 Sea Blue 62

  • all markings are kit decals

  • model is weathered with chalk pastels


  • Lavockin La-7, MBI Books 

  • Eagles of the East, No. 1, Fighting Lavochkin by Aviation International 

  • Squadron In Action No. 169 La 5/7 Fighters

  • VVS web site

A complete build review article on this model will be appearing in an upcoming issue of SAMI.

Randy Lutz

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Photos and text by Randy Lutz