1/48 Nakajima Ki.27B 'Nate'

Gallery Article by Randy Lutz on Oct 16 2003


The model is based on the Mania 1/48 Nakajima Ki.27B "Nate".  It features a True Details resin cockpit which in hindsight is not worth the investment as it is all but impossible to see in the cramped confines of the Nate's cockpit.  


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I also used the True Details resin unspatted wheels and I vacuformed the sliding section of the canopy.  

The model is finished in Xtracolor paints and Aero Master decals and represents a Nate from the Defence of the Homeland - Anto Fighter Company, based at Mukden, Manchoukuo during the Summer of 1944.

Randy Lutz


Photos and text by Randy Lutz