1/48 Monogram F-5F

Gallery Article by Fu Fong Chen (Thomas Fu) on Oct 10 2003

  Republic of China (Taiwan) National Day 


The F-5F with F-5G. APG-67 multi-mode Radar of F-5G is in the same class to the RoCAF IDF.


Here are 11 pictures of my F-5's (mostly are F-5F) also F-20 & P-40B in the background.  These models are all the 1/48 kits were from Monogram.


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The Monogram 1/48 F-5F cockpit close-up, but pilots helmet were not really
in blue or red.


The chinese letters in the front cockpit means a memorial for the former president CKS. and note the pilot knee board inside the windshield.


F-5F front view.

The light grey F-5F  ( 5410 ) that is seen in the bulk of the photos in this article is in the Republic of China air force ( RoCAF ) roundel and air superiority scheme.

The Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) is the largest Northrop F-5EF TigerII user around the world in the `80-`90, totally 7 airforce wings consisted.

The AIDC has produced 242 Es model and 66 Fs model under license with the
Northrop, as this inspire me to build F-5 in RoCAF camo scheme, this is only one of hundred models in my collection. 


F-20 and KKa Hawk 81 ( P-40B ) of AVG!

Sorry for not writing more but my English is very limited.....enjoy the pictures.

Fu Fong Chen (Thomas Fu)

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A top view of typical RoCAF F-5F. most F-5E/F were in this basic camoflage.
Background a F-5G ( F-20A) in tiger strip tail, This aircraft almost sell to Republic of China ( Taiwan ) in the `80. "Ready to Fly" also a F-5F cockpit close-up.
Left board of F-5F. This one 5410/30136 is belonging to 5th flying Group in `90. Note the tail emblem of that unit (Sky Tiger).

F-5 series style in the tails.



Photos and text by Fu Fong Chen (Thomas Fu)