1/48 Monogram OS2U-3 Kingfisher

Gallery Article by Everett Román Gallegos on Sept 23 2003


OS2U-3 Kingfisher Chilean Navy

The history of the Kingfisher in Chile goes back a year 1942, entering service the Airforce this way like also in the of Chilean Navy. The model represents the Kingfisher 310 that operate  from the naval base of Talcahano (the first military, industrial and fishing port of Chile), which principal mission was it of patrolling the zones of extraction of coal of the region, during the course of WW2.  


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To the model I do not realize any change, only I add the antenna.

The colors are Intermediate Blue FS 35164 and Camuflage Gray FS 36622.

Everett Román Gallegos

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Photos and text © by Everett Román Gallegos