1/48 Italeri FW190D-11

Gallery Article by Robert-Jan Willekens on Aug 18 2003


I have quite a few Focke-Wulf 190's in my collection; one of them is this Italeri FW190D-11. I had a Third Group decal sheet 48-046 in my decal bank, and decided to model "White chevron 61", a late-war "Dora" as operated by the Stab General der Jagdflieger, from Bad Worishofen, May 1945. Werke-nummer is probably 220004, but could also be 350158. The ship has most likely a replacement tail section; the fuselage plug is probably in natural metal, with reddish paste sealing the rivets. Wings are in 83 and 75; the fuselage is mainly 81 with heavy 82 overspray on the sides. The tail unit comes in a different hue of 81. The wings are part natural metal, which I did with BareMetal foil. All paints used are Extracolour.

Enjoy the photos.

Robert-Jan Willekens


Photos and text by Robert-Jan Willekens