1/72 Hasegawa F-15 DJ

Gallery Article by Shaun Lazzari on July 13 2003


I picked this model up at my local model shop not that long ago, and was quite excited about the quality of this kit from the moment I opened the box.  The overall quality of the kit is very good, with excellent detail all over, except for maybe in the cockpit, where I had to use the decals provided.  The join of the wings was a bit iffy as well, and sadly this kit had raised panel lines.  However, the kit is fine for a quick fun build.  The f-15 was brush-painted with Humbrols dark aircraft grey, number 125, which is the best match I could get to Gunship Grey.The decals went on reasonably well, though I experienced some silvering on a few of them, which I found hard to get rid of.  Finally, the kit was weathered using an oil wash, which I have never used before on raised panel lines, and to be honest, wouldn't use again. 


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The only alterations to the kit were the seatbelts made of tape, and a few bits of stretched sprue used in the cockpit.  Being a 14 year old boy, I don't have the resources and time of some of you guys out here, but I think the kit turned out quite nice in the end.

Enjoy the photos.

Shaun Lazzari


Photos and text by Shaun Lazzari