1/48 Monogram F-5E Tiger II

Gallery Article by Jon Ochoa on July 11 2003


The Mexican air force has this great jet on its inventory since 1982. This model depicts the venerable Monogram kit, which to me its very good I bought two kits 4 months ago, one is this F-5 in Mexican Air Force (FAM) markings which come with the kit. This model was easy to build and required minor filling and sanding. Once the construction was completed, I proceeded to paint it using the colors FS34102, FS 34079 and 30279. I used a wrap around scheme because this type is the standard in the FAM.  


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I didn't want to put the missiles on since the peaceful situation of my country. Once finished....I applied a small coat of dullcote.

For further references on the Mexican F-5 go to this link:

Jon Ochoa


Photos and text by Jon Ochoa