1/48 Italeri F-16A

Gallery Article by Pedro Adão on June 10 2003

Portugal National Day


Portuguese Air Force F-16A

I’m Pedro Adão from Portugal. This is my F-16A from Portuguese Air Force from Italeri 1/48 kit.  

The Kit 
The panel lines are very good and everything looks to be in place.  

Despite some things that we don’t understand very well in the manual of the kit, the plastic joins very easily despite of the nose and the canopy. The kit has built strait from the box. Painting 

First I gave him a good primmer with Tamiya spray bottles. Then I spray the panel lines with a black. Then I give him the natural color. The Portuguese F-16 have standard NATO colors. I used Tamiya acrylic paints.


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After the paint has dried I gave it a gloss coat with something like Future Floor Cleaning. In Portugal we don’t have Future, so we stick to JONTEC from Johnson.

After it dries the painting looks like very smooth and hard.

I apply the decals with Microscale Set and Sol. Micro Set under the decal and let it stay. After I gave it the Micro Sol and let it dry.

In the end I give it a flat coat with Tamiya acrylic paints.  


Thank everyone,  

Pedro Adão


Photos and text © by Pedro Adão