1/48 Academy F-14

Gallery Article by Sergei Galicky


The model is from Academy and is modified up to a level Bombcat by adding a LANTIRN and Paveway GBU-16 bombs. For this purpose it was necessary to use the Hasegawa Weapons set D.  Many details for modern a F-14A differ from what comes in the kit, so I scratchbuilt these items.


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On the fuselage I rescribed the panel lines and drilled the rivets, as they were not in those places or were absent. I applied Aeromaster decals with markings for VF-211 Chekhmates during 1984. But I have altered it independently for USS John. C. Stennis. On the site www.navy.mil.gov I found rather large photo (400 Kb in jpeg) of F-14 number 115 of VF-211 with names, readable near a cabin, of the lost New York firemen. This plane took part in operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Only one thing I could not find out anywhere -serial number of the plane, which is put on the tail part, therefore I had to use a number from the plane number 102. Sorry!

All missing numbers, inscription and stencils I have made itself, having printed them on the laser printer on decal paper and then clear coated them. After applying my decals I slightly covered with their primary colour. 

During painting the fuselage under the circuit low-visibility, I used Humbrol paints. I then darkened the panel lines with black acrylic paint and removed the excess with a wet napkin. This process took a while to do, then I did some weathering. For this,  I used water colour paints of of different dark colours.

Sergei Galicky

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Photos and text by Sergei Galicky