1/72 Italeri F-22A Lightning II

Gallery Article by David J. Sun


Ten years ago this was one of the first F-22 Kits available. Named as "ATF YF-22A" this model (Italeri Kit No. 194) represents the first prototype. I build this model nearly straight from the box. Just the cockpit get some extra details (oxygen bottle and seat belts). The flaps were cut and glued in a new position.


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I airbrushed the model with Testors Model Master colour. They are my favorite for spraying, because they have very fine grains and its easy to use them, even with very fine needles.

Before applying the decals I sprayed a layer of gloss cote on the F-22. I used Humbrol Decal Cote to have more control over the thick Italeri decals. After adding another clear cote (this time a matt finish) I weathered the F-22 with oil paints.

The Base were build with cut cardboard quadrats glued on a woodplate. I painted the Base with a brush and thick paint to get a rough surface. The Base is weather with pastel chalks.

David J. Sun


Photos and text by David J. Sun