1/72 Zvezda Su-25K†

Gallery Article by Marlon Guevara


Peruvian Air Force
11th Aerial Base, "Capt.Victor Montes" Air Base, Talara, Peru†

Zvezda is a very good kit, weaponry are very fine, needed little putty and sandpapering.


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  • Addition of 2 handles,in the canopy and fuselage.
  • Addition of 2 UV-32 rocket pods.(Each kit contains only 2 of these rocket pods.)


  • Model master enamels:
  • Upperside:Dark Green(FS 34079),Field Green(FS 34097)
  • Underside: Light ghost gray(FS 36375)
  • Decals:Linden hill decals "21st century shturmoviks",very good decals.
  • This airplane carries a lot of weaponry,this version shows only a little of these weapons,in this case consisting in R-60 missiles,FAB250 bombs,and UV-32 rocket pods.

This version (Su-25K 074) depicts the one when was exhibited in November 2000 by the former peruvian president Alberto Fujimori in Lima.

Now they are based at Victor Montes air base in Talara,Piura,north of Peru,together with Su-22ís in 11th Aerial Group.

Peruvian frogfoots actually are waiting for new camouflage.

Marlon Guevara

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