1/48 Fujimi F-5A

Gallery Article by Henk Rodermond on Apr 30 2003

Netherlands Queen's Day


Fujimi F-5A converted to Dutch NF-5A  

There are only a few models of the F5 Freedom fighter. All off them out of the years 1975. So I rebuild a Fujimi F-5A to a Dutch NF-5A.  

The NF-5A entered service in the Klu in 1969 and was build in Canada and flown to the Netherlands by Dutch pilots. The Dutch airforce made some modification as leading edge manoevring flaps, improved engines and a two position nose wheel gear struth. The NF-5A was used as a fighter bomber until beginning of 1991. 314, 315 and 316 sqn flew operational with it and 313 sqn used the F5A and F5B for advanced pilot training and conversion.  

The model  
Fujimi has a F-5A and a F-5B but it toke a lot of work only to rebuild the F-5A to a NF-5A. First I bought a cockpit update set (Black Box F5E) and modified this to a F-5A cockpit. Then a arresting hook, shaff and flair dispensers and a new nose wheel strut where made. The plane itself needed al lot of putty but after-all it was successful. 


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Painting was done with modelcolor dark green, dark grey and light grey according the first color scheme of the NF-5A (It flew in 4 different scheme’s).NF-5A has gold plated windshield. This was done with tamya clear yellow.  

Decals where taken from dutch decals set 1 first NF-5A scheme. (www.dutchdecal.nl) (dutch decals has almost all Dutch airforce decals in 1/72 and 1/48)  

After all it was a lot of work but successful the next one will be the NF-5B.

Henk Rodermond


Photos and text © by Henk Rodermond