Freddy Flame-out

Gallery Article by Mark McClellan


Freddy Flameout was originally released by Hawk Models in the 1960's as one of their "Weird-Ohs, and was a "stable mate" of Hueys Hut Rod and others.  I remember my oldest brother building this when I was a kid and when I found one in my local hobby shop in the 90's, I had to have it.  Testors re-released this in 1993 and there may still be some floating around out there.

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I decided that I needed this kit as "therapy" because I was building more detailed kits, but not finishing them.  This kit allowed me to make it how I wanted to without anyone saying that it was not to scale, had the wrong decals, etc.

If you are suffering "burn out" or would like something completely different, look on an out of the way shelf for something fun.

Mark McClellan


Photos and text by Mark McClellan