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April Fools Day 2003


This is the "Proctica" Endoscopic camera made in East Germany in the early 1970s. Note the helical flash tube, which was part of the motorised front cone assembly. Two button switches on the hand grips allowed the lens/flash assembly to be inserted/extracted efficiently, using a 24 volt electric motor. 

The external flash tube allowed for positive inserting grip, and efficient internal illumination, as well as the ability to cauterise polyps, growths, and some internal organs. 
AS a guy in my 40s, all I can say is.......OWWWWWWW! "Okay, zer vill be a zlight burningkt zenzation, Herr Braun..." ZZZAAAPPPP-Pop!  "Ieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Alvis 3.1


Photos and text by Alvis 3.1