1/32 Trumpeter Wildcat Competition

Gallery Article by Alvis 3.1

April Fools Day 2003


After the recall of their widely criticised 1/32 scale F4-F Wildcat, Trumpeteer has been busy attempting to correct the deficiencies. As a final attempt to produce the most accurate kit available, Trumpeteer has opened up prototyping to the modelling community at large. All is required is that you drop them an email (link at bottom of article) and they will send you several blocks of a typical density styrene. You can then carve out the basic outer shape of a "correct" F4-F Wildcat, using whatever resources and data you have availble. The person with the most accurate shape will be rewarded by having their name engraved inside the fuselage mold. Every accurate F4-F kit will then carry their name inside.

Trumpeteer reserves the right to utilise the work of several persons, should no one individual achieve accuracy of the entire aircraft. Hopefully, this will set the trend for future modelling ventures, with the expert ability of the modellers being utilised to issue correct kits.   Email at ams/rivetcounters-r-us@anlretentiv.email

Alvis 3.1


Photos and text by Alvis 3.1