1/48 AMT/ERTL P-40N

Gallery Article by Edward A. Fuquay 


This Curtis Aviation fighter has always caught my eye and imagination. Glenn Curtis¹s design proved its worth during WWII. In spite of being outclassed by its contemporary adversaries, it marched on and was the main fighter in service with the USAAF at breakout of hostilities. The P-40 reputation was gained while flown by the famous "Flying Tigers" over the hostile skies of China. They achieved an outstanding kill ratio against a superior enemy.  General Claire Chenault used the strength of the P-40 against the weaknesses of the Zero and his tactics proved invaluable for the allies.

The P-40N was the last mass produced version of this remarkable aircraft.  Heavily armored and armed with six .50 machineguns and in the hands of an experienced pilot, this fighter was a menace for the more advanced Japanese and German fighter planes. These magnificent aircraft were replaced as front line fighters by the more advanced P-38s, P-47s, and P-51s.


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This AMT/ERTL kit, no longer in production, is a really good representation.  It has its shortcomings. The most notorious is the not so well detailed landing gear. There are some fit problems, but nothing that cannot be fixed with a little putty and sanding paper. The level of detail is pretty good, but it needs a new gun sight. I scratch built the one. The gears need work too. The best references are books on this airplane.

I enjoyed building this kit; the color I used was Floquil Desert Storm Sand and RLM76 on the underside. Those were the colors I could match best to the FS numbers called out by the instructions. Well once again happy modeling,

Edward A. Fuquay


Photos and text © by Edward A. Fuquay