1/25 AMT Nomad "Mad Camino"

Gallery Article by Phil Dauphinee


This model was inspired by a car that was built in Victoria during the mid-sixties and still exists waiting for a restoration.  As the legend goes, a tree fell on the '55 Nomad severely damaging the distinctive and difficult to repair roof.  the car was saved by converting it to a pick-up.  The name "Mad Camino" is thus very appropriate.


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The model was built pretty much from the recent AMT re-issue.  Modifications include smoothing of the roof ribs and cross band on the optional pickup conversion.  the rear part of the interior was separated so it could be properly fitted to the pickup section.  "Lowering blocks" were used to make the rear sit a little lower.  

Door handles and emblems were removed.  The tonneau cover comes from a '59 El Camino.  Pait is Boyd's White.

Phil Dauphinee


Photos and text by Phil Dauphinee