1/48 Revell/Dragon Me-262 Mistel

Gallery Article by Peter Marshall


This is a couple of Dragon (well, OK, the bottom one is a Revell re-pop of the Dragon kit) Me-262s and a resin support trolley from Antares (Kit number ANT-03 from http://www.antaresmodels.com, extremely helpful chap called Marcelo).  I saw a drawing of this setup in the Classic Publications "Mistel" book (GREAT book) and was hooked, but I would never have done it if it hadn't been for the kit of the trolley.  The two kits are built essentially out of the box (hey, the Dragon stuff was never short of detail), the major work being dropping the slats and flaps as I'm assured that (the slats at least) ALWAYS did that when on the ground (see Steve Brauning's excellent site for info on how to build the Me-262 http://www.geocities.com/stephen.mark/ME262-How-to.htm ) and filling the cockpit area on the lower (bomb) aircraft.  The paints were all from the Xtracolor range and markings came from Superscale sheet 48-781 for the lower a/c and Aeromaster 48-336 for the upper. 


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The trolley is a pretty simple build and Marcelo's instructions are nice and clear.  And as it's a paper project I felt quite happy doing my own thing if I felt like it :-) so I did deviate occasionally from the support structure laid out ("Yeah, it's the Mark3 version from '47 incorporating mods introduced from operational experience"). 

The wings are pretty floppy when you cut most of them away!  Steve has lots of suggestions on his site as to the best way to go about dealing with this, I found the floppiness quite helpful, you can position stuff where you want it quite easily and adjust the fit to suit.  In theory....

Based on the theory that the lower a/c would be a well used/damaged airframe I painted a few areas to represent bits from different a/c, the port tailplane, rudder, port inboard slat, that kind of thing, and painted over the unit markings (which was painful, I have to say, nice Superscale decals) and put a wave of Brunviolett over the bright "new" areas (cockpit plug and bomb nose, just to tone them down a bit, and hopefully tie in with the colours used by KG(J)54.

All in all an interesting build, that Mistel book really got me going.  I bought it for info on the Fw190/Ju88G-10 I was intending to do and now I've ended up with this, the 48 Special Models kits for the Mistel 5/6 and Fw190/Ta154 Mistel and I'm thinking about others!  It's a dangerous hobby!  

Anyway, hope you like it!

Peter Marshall

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Photos and text by Peter Marshall